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Nahla Kandil

About Dr. Nahla Kandil

Nahla Kandil received her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Alexandria University in 2006, and was awarded her Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy from Queen’s University, Belfast in 2010. She became a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist in 2011, and Board Certified Critical Care Specialist in 2016.
She has a blended experience from both public and private health care sectors, as she worked as a clinical pharmacist at Andalusia Hospitals Group, a consultant for a project for establishing a clinical pharmacy department at Mabaret El Asafra Hospital and department manager at Ras-ElTein General Hospital. Her practical experience is mainly in general Critical Care units. Currently, she is the CEO and a co-founder at NAPHS consultancy. Through which she provides consultation to hospitals for clinical pharmacy services enhancement.
She gained her academia experience, through working as an adjunct lecturer at the Clinical Pharmacy Program, Alexandria University. She was involved in organizing and as a preceptor in several training programs for students at the above-mentioned hospitals.